KyoeiAs the fastener manufacturing industry heads into the next millennium, the demand for smaller parts and components is at its highest level ever. Electronics companies that have made major advancements in digital communications, computer and timekeeping technology are requiring a whole new variety of miniature parts.

At one time, just the cold heading of these special tiny part and fasteners was the industry's greatest challenge. Now, because of the intricacies of new high-technology designs, fastener and OEM manufacturers are faced with the real challenge of ancillary forming operations such as threading, grooving, knurling and radius-ing of these miniature parts and components.

The Three Finger Transfer System that the Kyoei SR series utilized ensures total blank control. This system includes an escape finger, a transfer finger and a starter finger.

No other machine can perform and produce these sizes of fasteners as quickly or as efficiently as Kyoei Rollers

The electronics industry reports that its next generation of products will introduce the world to innovations such as paging cellular watches and hand-held scanners and fax machines. Kyoei Thread Rolling machines are prepared to take the world's fastener and OEM manufacturers into the next millennium with unsurpassed equipment.
Kyoei Features

Kyoei machines utilize a unique Three-finger system, that allows the machine to have total control at all times. This minimizes the chance of jam ups and allows the machine to run at excellent speeds.

This outstanding feature allows the operator to determine the width between the dies digitally. The indicator will tell the operator just how close he is adjusting the moving die toward the fixed die.

At the end of the rail chute, but before the die working area, Kyoei incorporates a very unique feature. These replaceable rail tips ensure accurate feeding and quick change-over. The operator does not have to change the entire set of rails, only the rail tips themselves. This can reduce tooling costs.

Like the rail tips, the ends of the starter finger and replaceable. This makes the set-up and change-overs very easy as the entire finger does not have to be removed. In addition, the travel distance of the starter finger and transfer finger is mucn shorter as compared with other rollers, which makes the process more efficient and faster.

Kyoei rollers are set with a unique incline, this allows for the positve flow of blanks down the rail. This design decreases the tight angles in other machines. This system is proven to be faster, smoother and more efficient.

Kyoei rollers are designed with an eccentric cam for adjusting the gap between the moving die and the starter finger. This design allows for quick change-over of different diameter blanks.

High speed thread rolling
Kyoei advanced Technology offers:

  • Built in Monitor system for oversize blank control, spiral up sensor, positive count and more.

  • Fully adjustable rail system.

  • Three finger system for "Total control of the part" at all times from end of rails to the dies

  • Dial gauge indicator system for die squeeze and ease of set-up.

  • Positive lubrication system including auto shut off for low oil level.
  • Monitor controlled part chute to catch and hold defective parts.

  • Replaceable end tips of starter and transfer finger makes set up and changeover simple and quick as the entire finger does not have to be removed, only the end tips.

  • Precision horizontal thread rolling machines with linear feed systems.

  • Tube feed system thread rolling machines for headless parts (optional).

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